Accessing Appserver From .Net

Posted by Admin on 14-Jan-2009 03:58

Dear All,

In three tier architecture, My User Interface is in .Net and Business logic and Database is in Progress (9.1 D) . But I am unable to access progress Application services from .Net.

Since Proxy Generater in Progress (9.1 D) does not have option to generate

.dll file.

Please suggest. I will very thankful to you.



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Posted by kevin_saunders on 14-Jan-2009 05:08

You will need to use the OpenEdge 10 Proxygen tool to generate the .Net DLL.. At a previous site we used this method so we could use Web Services from V9 (via a OE10 AppServer).

Posted by Admin on 19-Jan-2009 23:03

Thanks for your reply.

But on thing I want to confirm.

Can AppServer (OE10) access Progress V9 Database without any truncation ?

Since our client's data base is in V9.



Posted by Admin on 19-Jan-2009 23:23


You need to connect using -H and -S and wont be able to use the new datatypes.

Beside that it will just work fine.

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