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Posted by ojfoggin on 01-May-2009 05:15

Got another question, sorry.

I have a program that maintains records within a table.

The program runs in 2 parts, a small start screen where you can search for the records to edit or enter a code for a new record.

If the user enters a new code they can then enter several values before pressing OK and moving to the next screen.  The second screen then has an output log param that is true if the table data has been successfully updated.  After OK has been pressed the main screen disappears and you are sent back to the second screen.

No... here is the problem... I would like to apply LEAVE to a field in order to update the UI if the ll-updated param is true.

The code I have atm is...

        if valid-handle(lh-def) then
            assign {&WINDOW-NAME}:sensitive = false
                   {&WINDOW-NAME}:visible   = false.
            subscribe to "SubWinClose" in lh-def run-procedure "ip-SubWinClose".
            assign {&WINDOW-NAME}:sensitive = true
                    {&WINDOW-NAME}:visible   = true.

            apply "LEAVE" to fi-kdef.


Now, the UI comes back visible when the main screen is closed so the sensitive = true visible = true is running but my extra bit of code (in bold) isn't running.

I guess i'm probably doing this wrong but could someone please point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your help.


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Posted by ojfoggin on 01-May-2009 05:26

Nevermind, I've sorted it now


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