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Posted by Admin on 16-Jul-2009 12:46


So far I'm able to to create and add information into an excel file using COM-Handle from Openedge 10.1B,  but I can't find the way to change to a different Sheet within the same file.

Can someone guide me in the correct direction for this ?

Thanks in advance.


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Posted by jmls on 17-Jul-2009 09:41

chWorkSheet = chExcelApplication:Sheets:Item(2)


Posted by Admin on 17-Jul-2009 10:10

Thanks Julian,

That do the trick.   Is taking me a long time to figure this out, becuase I don't have a list of the correct syntax for those commands.

Much appreciated.

Posted by jmls on 17-Jul-2009 10:20

A good trick is to record a macro in excel and then examine the code. It shows a lot of the methods / properties you can use

Posted by Admin on 17-Jul-2009 10:54

yes I did that,  but sometime the code is not the same. 

for example for the sheet,  is diferent as well.

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