Webservices with a temp-table as output

Posted by Admin on 03-Jun-2010 10:03


I'm still a bit new with the Webservices so please bear with me


  • We have a webservice running and working all fine.
  • I receive a temp-table as input for one of my services (statically defined in progress).
  • Progress 10.1C


  • Changing the temp-table definition causes SOAP errors.
    • To fix this error the external program has to reference the temp-table, field-by-field in sequence as it's defined in the Progress temp-table definition.
  • If the external program is coded to reference each of the temp-table fields in sequence it works fine.

As far as I understand you should not have to worry about which field or in what order you're specifying these fields?

A lot of the fields are optional and hence not required for the proper successfull functioning of the webservice.


  • Is there a way (a setting, a different way of defining the temp-table) that will allow us this freedom of changing the temp-table definition without causing the SOAP errors and subsequent modification of the external program?
  • Is there somehting completely different I'm missing?

Any input would be appreciated.



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Posted by Robin Brown on 03-Jun-2010 15:12

Hi Georg,

The WSDL for your Web service uses the temp-table definition to generate an XML Schema definition for the parameter, which is a of the fields in the temp-table.  The sequence dictates that all of the fields are required, in the order of the definition.  If you change the temp-table definition, you must also modify the external program to follow the new sequence.



Posted by Admin on 03-Jun-2010 23:47

So just to confirm:

There is no way around this? I have to modify the external program always when modifying my temp-table definition?

Thanks for the input sofar  



Posted by Robin Brown on 04-Jun-2010 07:43

Yes, you must always change the external proram when modifying the temp-table definition.



Posted by Admin on 08-Jun-2010 01:56


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