Errors, warnings, messages: promsgs transparency

Posted by davidkerkhofs3 on 04-Feb-2011 08:00


I'll first explain the current situation that leads to my question.

We have hundreds of jobs running every day as background processes (using _mbpro ).

The stdout is a log file for every process.

To have a monitoring of these files we use a program that scans these log files for "errors".

To avoid rewriting each process so that it properly generates output to stdout I use a pattern to search for these errors in the log files.

It appears that the messaging system (promsgs) OpenEdge uses internally doesn't give a unified way of identifying what errors are.

Take a look at messages 7322 and 76. They both indicate an error but have a difference in output format.

Does anybody have more details on how the messaging system is to be interpreted?

I'm mainly still working with POPO's (= plain old progress objects), so please no talk on the structured error handling introduced in 10.1C.

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