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Posted by Admin on 23-Feb-2011 09:39

Forgive me for I am learning...

I have a form where I want to put a button on it where the user will click it and it will open a "Dialog Box" where the user will enter a value in a Text Box and upon clicking OK I want to execute a block of code using the value entered.


Must the text box be tied to a data field?

Where do I putthe code to execute upon clicking the OK button?

Thank you for your help!

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 23-Feb-2011 10:30

The text box does not have to be tied to a data field - it can just be a variable in the dialog box.

You have 2 options on the user clicking OK. You can put the code in the OK button trigger, or you can pass the value the user entered back to the calling program and act on it there (output parameter). The reasons for doing either one depend on exactly what you are needing the user's input for.

Posted by Admin on 23-Feb-2011 10:34

When setting up the text box it more less requires me to sekect a db item.

Maybe that is because of the UniFi framework I am working in.

But how would I go about setting up a Text Box to use a variable?

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Posted by Admin on 23-Feb-2011 10:39


When the Form is started using The ShowDjalog() method, just set the DualogResult property of the Button to a value like Ok.

The the button will close the Form.

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