How to display a 220 column report on screen using Putty

Posted by isoft01 on 18-Jul-2012 06:09

I am trying to view a 220 column report on screen using Putty. I am able to view a 220 column report when setting the font to Consolas, 8-point and the columns property of putty to 220 at startup. Is there a way of changing the display dynamically. I can use the terminal keyword in a procedure and specify the protermcap entry i wish to use and unset it when I am done. I can resize the display to 132 columns via the protermcap file by changing the column property to 132 columns within a test protermcap file. However changing the columns to 220 still gives me 132 columns.

Can this be done and if so am I missing something in the protermcap file. I can set Putty to start with 220 columns but that setting is for the duration of the session. I would still want to continue using 80 columns and only where needed change the terminal emulation dynamically to either 132 or 220. Can this be accomplished?



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Posted by rogeliolt on 24-Jul-2012 13:53

I never tried create a report with 220 column... but maybe you need give format to your columns... and give space to you frame:






  with frame s width 440 down.

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