dataview and default commitChanges in adm2oera-4

Posted by Darren Parr on 07-Aug-2012 11:56


I've just been lookig through this. Am I right in assuming that the data access procedure commits changes on a record by record basis and does not provide any support for backing out all updates to the PDS if a single error occurs.

I know I can override saveChanges and do whatever I need. I just thought it a bit strange that the above was not done by default.In addition I note that the EndTrans hook has no way of raising an error which I guess is OK but possible anyway.



PS. I  know PSC like me to build my own back-end with the OERA and the service adapter. Is there anything glaring missing from the adm2oera-4 stuff as it looks pretty complete.

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Posted by Darren Parr on 08-Aug-2012 11:04


Looking closer, I decided to rip out what was currently there as it seems disjointed.

For example calling hook procedures of the form e

modifyBeginTrans with a dataset as parameter when the call ia made for each buffer.

This meant there was no easy way of knowing what the buffer was when calling the hook in the da procedure and so I decided to implement it differently.

I suspect the autoedge stuff is more complete than the adm2oera samples. There has been alot of work put in on the front end and I guess its up to us to sort the backend out.

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Posted by Peter Judge on 08-Aug-2012 15:52

The ADM2 Dataview stuff was basically all on the front-end. Backend was most certainly intended to be individually implemented (and we gave very little guidance and almost no code on that).

AutoEdge in both its implementations provide much more backend code, although neither are intended to be used as-is, although I've heard of plenty of people using them as starting points for their own implementations.

-- peter

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