CAN-FIND and BREAK BY in queries.

Posted by Alon Blich on 07-Feb-2007 01:56

I don't mean to be a pain (too late for that) but I was wondering if there were any changes in the status of CAN-FIND and BREAK BY in queries, especially CAN-FIND and especially in cases where the query is dynamic, for coming releases of course.

I know we've discussed this topic here before and there were some very promising responses made by Salvador Vinals but it's a problem that I keep running into quite often and always finding new and terrible ways that some people come up with to get around them.

Many thanks.

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Posted by Alon Blich on 17-Feb-2007 12:17

... just talking to myself

IMVHO and I'm sorry to say, whatever we've got is just not enough or just not good enough.

OK it's Progress and because queries are record oriented etc. and the query language is a very integral part of the language it's expected that for some queries there's code involved, for example, grouping, and that's not a problem it's great but the lack of these fundamental and basic features is a problem and it's been a problem for a very long time. It's a problem that you have to write a whole program with all kinds of work arounds everytime there's a query that's abit more complicated.

I'm sorry but IMVHO the work arounds aren't good enough and are certainly not a permanent solution. They're not dynamic, they're limited, they're not performant, they're not simple, they're not obvious or even well known and there are alot of problematic implementations some developers out there are using, heck, there not even documented except for a few mentions in the KB (that IMVHO could be rewritten a little bit clearer). These are much needed fundamental, basic capabilities they're not something esoteric in anyway.

Personally, I'd be very happy if there could be some sort of compromise done to meet us half way and get these sorting and functionality similar to EXISTS into ABL queries. Maybe setting external buffers, for example, SET-EXTERNAL-BUFFERS( ) would work ??

Posted by rbf on 16-Aug-2012 06:10

We are five years down the line now and obviously still running into this limitation frequently.

But one thing has changed: PSC has moved focus back to OpenEdge!

Does this mean that this issue will be addressed in the near future???

Posted by Peter Judge on 16-Aug-2012 07:57

A new message was posted in the thread "CAN-FIND and BREAK BY in


BREAK-BY is available in queries, since 10.1C I believe. CAN-FIND is still not in.

-- peter

Posted by rbf on 16-Aug-2012 14:13

pjudge wrote:

A new message was posted in the thread "CAN-FIND and BREAK BY in


BREAK-BY is available in queries, since 10.1C I believe. CAN-FIND is still not in.

-- peter

Yes you are right, it's the CAN-FIND I am asking for.

Can you tell us if that is on anyone's radar at the moment?

Posted by jmls on 16-Aug-2012 14:22

it's on a lot of peoples radar.

just not the right people

Posted by Shelley Chase on 16-Aug-2012 15:37

According to Mary:

     As for CAN-FIND, we have had that on the road-map including right now, but it always gets bumped in favor of something more urgent.

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