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Posted by anandknr on 20-Nov-2012 01:49

Hi all,

Is there any way I can display (using 4gl code) the value of startup parameters with which i have started my client session?

for example, If I am using .pf file with content as

-L 16384
-n 16
-s 40000
-Mi 3
-Mn 3
-yy 1960

I would like to display the value of -s using 4gl code.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by Admin on 20-Nov-2012 01:57


Posted by gus on 20-Nov-2012 09:44

in addition to what Mike recommends, note that some of the parameters (e.g. -L, -n) you have listed are not client session paramters but database server configuration parameters. the 4GL client will ignore them.

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