Session Parameter for Date Delimiter (not -d)

Posted by Admin on 28-Jan-2013 06:45

Is there a session parameter that will specify the delimiters for a date?

e.g.  Our system locale is UK, so the date format defaults to 99/99/99

We are deploying a German version (on the same OS), but want the date delimiter to be 99.99.99.

Is this possible, or something we should have set when creating the DB?



OE10.2B05, Solaris.

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Posted by Admin on 28-Jan-2013 06:50

AFAIK there is neither a parameter or a SESSION attribute for that.

The DATE format is something you'd have to add to the STRING function or FORMAT phrase during your output. You may want to implement that using a global default date format option as part of your application (GLOBAL variable, STATIC property, etc.)

Posted by Jens Dahlin on 28-Jan-2013 07:56

You can use SESSION:DATE-FORMAT but only in the same way as -d. That is to set ymd or dmy etc.

We always FORMAT date outputs to what we want, usually "9999-99-99" if we have lots of space or "999999" if we have less.

You could do something like:


dt = TODAY.

DISPLAY dt FORMAT "99.99.99".

Remeber that what format the field or variable is doesn't really matter - you can always override that by formatting the output. What's stored in the database is always the same regardless of format (correct me if I'm wrong, someone).

Posted by Admin on 28-Jan-2013 08:35

Shame.......I was hoping to avoid formatting the date in the code and just use some sort of system-wide setting.

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