Is it possible to change the value of the name attribute for

Posted by Rom Elwell on 30-Jan-2013 10:09

Given the following code snippet:

        dsDynHdl:ADD-RELATION(parentHandle, childHandle,compositeRelFields,FALSE).

Is it possible to define a name value for this relationship at runtime so that the corresponding XSD generated for this ProDataSet reflects the new name value?


      <msdata:Relationship name="RELATION1" msdata:parent="DYNttEmployee" msdata:child="DYNttBonusTrx" msdata:parentkey="empid" msdata:childkey="emp_id" />


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Posted by Håvard Danielsen on 05-Feb-2013 15:57

I would assume you can just set it as follows:


           myrelation =  dsDynHdl:ADD-RELATION(parentHandle, childHandle,compositeRelFields,FALSE)

           myrelation:name = "RELATION1".

Note that I did not test this...

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