Saving of e-mail (msg-format) with mapi

Posted by LegacyUser on 30-Nov-2004 09:06


i'm able to send an e-mail using mapi. for a special project i need to save the sent e-mail as msg-file on a file-server. how to save the mail as msg-file using mapi?

thanks for help.


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Posted by LegacyUser on 24-May-2005 10:47

Hi frank,

I was wondering if you could solve your problem regarding saving a mai as msg file.

I'm also using CDO1.2.1 and try to save the mail as msg. just cant find an answer on the internet



Posted by LegacyUser on 30-Apr-2006 23:08

MSG Files:

Priasoft has several MSG related products.

In particular, they have a MSG file parsing library that gives developers access to all the properties of a .msg file, without outlook.

They also have an export library that works with the MSG library for exporting msg files to other formats, like PDF, TIF, and HTML.

For PST files, they have a couple of command line tools that allow extraction of messages to MSG, again without requiring outlook, and it supports both ANSI and UNICODE pst files. There is also the reverse, a MSG to PST utility.

They also have a viewer product that looks very similar to outlook 2003 with regards to the User Interface. The viewer can view, search, print, and export msg files.

Of recent they released a MSG to XML converter tool. I think the like is

Lastly, they just release a free ViewOnly viewer here:


the MSG Guru, Eriq VanBibber

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Posted by devidmartin on 09-Jul-2013 07:44

Everyone can extract MSG from PST files with drag-n-drop method but in this method single  e-mail can be save into MSG formats at a time not option to batch convet PST to MSG. To save your precious time you can tak help with 3rd party utilities availabe in Online market.

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