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Posted by Roger Blanchard on 22-Aug-2008 12:25

Does anyone know if you can use the Outlook Navigation 2007 Style? When you install the Advanced UI tools from the Progress install it is not an option so it is not available under Style options. However, if you install the Infragistics controls by themselves the install asks the question if you want to install the Outlook 2007 styles and if you say yes then it is an option under the style in the visal designer.

The only issue with installing the Infragistics controls outside of Progress is it installs in a trial mode.

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Posted by Roger Blanchard on 25-Aug-2008 07:55

The 'ViewStyle' has the option for the Office2007 look and feel.

Posted by mkontwg on 18-Dec-2017 01:58

Does any know how to create a ultra Navigation bar on open edge? There aren't any related article so far.

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