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Posted by robert.baker on 27-Oct-2008 22:56

I'm afraid that I've fallen behind everyone else due to those pesky work related assignments. Can anyone point me to an example of editing a record in an UltraGrid?

I would like to be able edit existing records as well as create new records but when I do, as soon as I leave the row, the data disappears. I'm assuming that there is a event and method combination that will do the trick but I haven't tripped over it yet. I imagine that this is probably straight forward but I'm missing it. Thanks!

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Posted by Admin on 27-Oct-2008 23:31

For first success you should try to set the AutoUpdate property of the binding source to True. Then the binding source willl create/delete and update rows for you.

According to the docs, this is for "rapid prototyping" only.

The beta doc has a step by step sample for creating and updating a row in the "Advanced GUI programming" PDF.

Posted by robert.baker on 28-Oct-2008 10:46

Thanks. I had completely forgotten about that particular sample (updatable grid). I probably looked everywhere but the obvious.

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