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Posted by GregHiggins on 12-Jan-2009 11:01

I have a databound dropdownlist, which works just fine for filling the list values from a temp-table. However, when I choose an item on the lest, the query pointer doesn't change. Should it?

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Posted by Admin on 12-Jan-2009 11:24

Check if you exact control has a SyncWithCurrencyManager property.

If that is set to true, if should work as expected.

Posted by GregHiggins on 12-Jan-2009 12:20

Actually, it helps if you're looking in the right place, and inside the dropdown event handler is not the place to do it. My mistake.

Posted by Admin on 13-Jan-2009 11:19

Why do you try to code it? The SyncWithCurrencyManager property should automatically reposition the query.

Posted by GregHiggins on 14-Jan-2009 10:37

I'm not trying to code it; I'm trying to test for it. Apparently it happens, but not until the event completes.

The dropdownlist does not have a SyncWithCurrencyManager Property. It has an AutoSync property, but it syncs with the bindingsource regardess of the value of that property.

What I was originally trying to do is to set something based on the new value, instead, I'm getting the value when some other event takes place.

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