ARRRGGGHH!! Visual Designer cannot load this class

Posted by jmls on 29-May-2009 12:38

I have a form A (form/a.cls) which inherits form B (form/B.cls) which inherits Progress.Windows.Form

I can load form B into the visual designer, see it, compile it and run it without a problem.

I cannot load form A into the designer. I get the error message

Line 271: Unable to locate method SuspendLayout in type form.A

However, if I load form/A.cls using the ABL editor, it compiles just fine.

What gives ! This is driving me mad.

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Posted by jmls on 31-May-2009 12:46

fixed this particular error by correcting the case on the class definition. Did this change recently ? (ie. in SP1) as this has worked before, and I am convinced I didn't change the code ...

Posted by Shelley Chase on 01-Jun-2009 09:23

I believe I can offer an explanation. .NET is a case sensitive language so the case of any .NET class name must be correct. However once we resolve the class name, we do a case insensitive match since ABL is not case sensitive. You probably had an earlier reference to Form that was making the reference to form work fine in the editor. Because of this confusion we do not even mention that we only depend on the first instance being the correct case. The doc says it must always be the right case.

However, I believe it is a bug that the Visual Designer complained about not finding the method instead of complaining about not finding the class. If you can, please log a bug with tech support for this.



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