Using forms.webbrowser to post data

Posted by jmls on 14-Jan-2009 11:14

I haven't been able to get this right. Has anyone used the webbrowser control to post data to a https server ?

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Posted by jmls on 14-Jan-2009 13:07

worked out a way: it may not be pretty, but it works.

create an html page with the form you need

load the form initially into the browser

locate the element, update the value

post the data

html demo

ABL code

webBrowser1:Document:GetElementById("address"):InnerText = "address".
webBrowser1:Document:GetElementById("postcode"):InnerText = "pcode".


Posted by jquerijero on 08-Jul-2009 17:52

I have experienced using System.Net.WebClient class. You call the WebClient.UpdateValues(...) to post the request. This class doesn't require a webbrowser.

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