Behavior Change in OpenEdge 10.2B

Posted by whenshaw on 15-Oct-2009 10:24

Change in behavior when compiling a Subscribe to a .NET or ABL class event:
    Due to a bug, in OpenEdge 10.2A and the 10.2B Beta it is possible to compile a statement that subscribes (or unsubscribes) a non-VOID method to a .NET event (or, in the Beta, an ABL event). This should actually be caught as a compiler error, since ABL supports only void events. If the statement is then executed, there will be a runtime error.
    The bug has been fixed in 10.2B. It's possible, therefore, that there is existing Subscribe/Unsubscribe code that compiles (erroneously) in 10.2A or the 10.2B Beta but will not compile in the 10.2B FCS. Presumably there isn't much code that falls into this category, since the runtime error would probably have enabled developers to catch the mistake, but please be aware of this change.

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