GUI dialog in GUI for .NET environment: input blocking state

Posted by rbf on 10-Feb-2010 02:35

We have successfully integrated GUI windows and dialogs in our GUI for .NET application.

However, we now have a use case for popping up old GUI dialogs from our .NET code and this invariably leads to the following error:

Input blocking statement is invalid while executing a user defined function or method  (11690).

Does anyone have a solution to this, other than rewriting all of our existing GUI dialogs?

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Posted by Steve Croff on 10-Feb-2010 11:30

I think as long as the method that calls the old GUI dialogs has a VOID return value, you should be okay?  I have had to change some of the .NET methods in our application to VOID with output parameters to overcome this problem.

Posted by bheavican on 10-Feb-2010 11:46

I believe we had this problem when we overrode the OnToolClick event on custom UltraToolbarsManager control.  We worked around this by moving code from that event to the *ToolClick event per instance of the ToolbarsManager.  I do not believe we entered a support case for this nor tried to figure out if we caused the problem or if it is actually a bug.

Posted by jquerijero on 10-Feb-2010 15:47

The other thing to watch out for is using method override of Infragistics controls or other .NET object. The important overridable methods are usually named "OnXXXXX," event though these methods are VOIDs they can be part of chain of calls that one of the methods in the chain is non-VOID which will be an issue. It's one of those trail-and-error.

Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 11-Feb-2010 04:24


that's a very poor thing in .NET (ABL).

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