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Posted by dbeattie on 01-Mar-2010 13:39

I know Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET contains both the winform and web controls. Also when I used the evaluation version that comes with Architect it installed both. I'm wondering if the licensed version that Progress sells is "Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET", and contains both versions, or if its "Infragistics NetAdvantage for win client", and contains only the winform controls. Has anyone installed the licensed version and had access to the web controls? Does it contain a "run-time" license for the web controls?


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Posted by Wouter Dupré on 01-Mar-2010 13:42

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Posted by Admin on 01-Mar-2010 13:47

AFIAK it's WinForms only for dev. It's part of the GUI for .NET which is GUI client only.

I haven't seen anything like a runtime of the web controls either.

Posted by Shelley Chase on 02-Mar-2010 08:44

Infragistics packages their Windows Form and Web Forms controls into a single product. If you buy NetAdvantage from Infragistics you will get both however the Web Controls will be filtered out and not shown in the Visual Designer toolbox. The Ultra Controls only package and deploy the Windows Forms controls. I am not sure about the evaluation copy, my guess is that we just use the Infragistics evaluation provided for NetAdvantage and that is why you see both types of controls. But again the Web ones should not appear in the toolbox.


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