Applying style to Infragistics Controls

Posted by gdb390 on 08-Mar-2010 04:57


I made an application in 10.2B using several Infragistics Controls.

To give them a similar style, I run the following method :

    method private void setAppStyle( input ipcStyle as character ):
        define variable vcStyle as character no-undo.

        vcStyle = substitute ("styles/&1.isl":u, ipcStyle).
/*        file-info:file-name = vcStyle.*/
/*        message file-info:full-pathname*/
/*        view-as alert-box.       */
        Infragistics.Win.AppStyling.StyleManager:load(vcStyle) no-error.

    end method.

This method is called just after the InitializeComponent ( ).

If I run this from the Architect, it looks fine.

If I create a shortcut on my development machine, I get the defaults settings, but not the style I want.

Any ideas ?


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Posted by rbf on 08-Mar-2010 05:18

Modify your load statement as following:


Remember .NET is not aware of your PROPATH.

In addition, remove the NO-ERROR so you can see what goes wrong.

Posted by gdb390 on 08-Mar-2010 05:27

Oh my God ... stupid me !

I used the file-info to see whether I found it on the propath, but those brain cells of me weren't able to think any further ! 

However it's strange that this works from architect ...

Thanks a lot !


Posted by rbf on 08-Mar-2010 05:37

However it's strange that this works from architect ...

Different working directory?

Posted by mkontwg on 10-Jan-2018 00:25

Hi Team, I am also new to the styling. How do I use them on my form? I have tried to use similar code above but no stack trace indicate was any style modified on my app. What am I missing, please help

Posted by jquerijero on 11-Jan-2018 14:03

Can you check if you are passing a fully qualified path to the Load method?

Posted by mkontwg on 23-Jan-2018 23:57

Hi I have also applied same logic on my form. Its working fine, my question is how do I apply it on my ultratoolbarManager?. e.i I have created a handler below to apply styling but only in one item. I want to apply it across of these toolbars.



METHOD PRIVATE VOID Trendy_btn(INPUT sender AS System.Object, INPUT e AS Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.ToolClickEventArgs):


    setGStyle("C:\Projects\CustomerApplication\src\Styles\Trendy.isl" + vStyle).


These below are the buttonTools;


labelTool2:SharedPropsInternal:Caption = "Trendy".

       labelTool2:Tag = "Trendy.isl".

       appearance4:Image = CAST(resources:GetObject("appearance4.Image"), System.Object).

       labelTool4:SharedPropsInternal:AppearancesSmall:Appearance = appearance4.

       labelTool4:SharedPropsInternal:Caption = "Windows 7".

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