Microsoft .NET controls or Infragistics controls ?

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We are OpenEdge developers, but .NET is something we just started to learn.

Some of the Infragistics controls seem to be UltraComplicated compared to the Microsoft equivalents. We wonder in what circumstances one would go for Infragistics controls instead of the Microsoft ones.

For example : when we need a "Selection List" (ABL), the Micorosoft "ListBox" is straightforward and easily implemented. When we turn to Infragistics, it's even hard to find out which control fills in the needs.

Is it only our newbeeness that makes us doubt if it's worthwhile to have Infragistics controls all over a project ?

Any confirmations are welcome ;-)

Johan, Pit

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Posted by Aliaksandr Tarasevich on 06-May-2010 10:50

I think you want to use Infragistics only in case if you want to have all their fancy addons

(MS Office 2007 Ribbons, Multy table DataGrids, EditBoxes with buttons and etc). If you don't need that,

don't even think about Infragistics because support of Microsoft much better, resolving issues much faster,

much more documentations/forums/solutions.

Posted by pkavuri on 06-May-2010 10:56

It's the choice one has to make. It (ultra controls) brings rich look to your application and offers variety of controls which makes application development simple and quick. Initially it look bit complex but if you start using it is no differenrt from any other control usage.there are many props because it let you customize to the extent you wanted. You may stuck for some time but there are many examples available and well documented.


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Posted by Admin on 06-May-2010 16:36

Of course the more simplistic Microsoft WinForms Controls are easier to start with / to learn. But for a real advanced UI - one that is worth learning .NET Controls at all - I wouldn't even closely consider them.

The richness of the Infragistics Controls has the price of a certain complexity. But it's definitively worth it.

And Infragistics provides a lot of documentation and coverage in various .NET developer forums is also great.

Posted by dlauzon on 07-May-2010 12:40

Infragistics controls have MANY additions over basic comparable .NET controls, they make life easier.

one simple example: I was using the equivalent of a fill-in with a basic .NET control and got at a point where I said to myself "it would be great if I could just ...", I then looked at the Infragistics equivalent, and there was the capability I was looking for.

I think their class structure is also better (e.g. less need to CAST objects to child types).

Also, the UltraCharts are a great visual and intuitive addition to a UI.

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