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Posted by Admin on 20-Aug-2008 02:58

Does anybody know where the class browser get the text it displays under the "Summary" heading in the class browser and what I should do to get my classes documented like that?

Is there any other optional headings that we can add? I would really like to explain parameters in some cases. I am currently documenting all of this in comments with a specific format in the source, but I do not want to allow every programmer access to the source of the core framework.

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Posted by Simon de Kraa on 20-Aug-2008 04:47

The summary is stored in XML files for example Infragistics2.Win.UltraWinGrid.v8.1.XML.

I think the other info like ABL syntax is generated...

Posted by KenWalsh on 26-May-2010 08:49

I know this is an older post, but did anyone ever determine how to add a Summary to a Class/Method/Property created in Progress?

In C# I would have written


/// Summary


I tried this in Architect, and it gave me an error. Is there any such syntax in Progress to accomplish this?



Posted by Peter Judge on 26-May-2010 08:58

You could look at AutoDox2 ( or something like Doxygen ( ), but there's nothing in the box for this.

-- peter

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