How do you debug cases when the OE app just closes without e

Posted by jquerijero on 20-Aug-2010 13:53

In Visual Studio there is a throttle on how much (or level of) Exception the development too should raise. Is there such a feature or tool in OE Architect to monitor Exceptions that the application is generating? 

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Posted by pkavuri on 22-Aug-2010 02:50

There is no such feature in OEA.


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Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 23-Aug-2010 02:08

I have the same problems.

What is the option "Stop at any unsupressed error" ?

I thought that the debugger would stop at iVar = int("a").

But i dreamed from MS VS too - i get an messagebox and can start the external debugger on the next statement.

I don't need the next statement - i want the actual statement with the error and the internal debugger instead the external.

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