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Posted by Admin on 23-Mar-2010 06:15

Do we need to wait until OE11 for a new release of the Infragistics Controls?

The 2010 release introduces a new Gantt chart control that I have a use case for. Also some time later this year I do expect Infragistics to update the Ribbon to the Office 2010 look and feel.

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Posted by khowell on 23-Mar-2010 07:30

We support one major version of the controls (infragistics) with one major/minor release of OpenEdge. So you are correct, the next supported version of the infragistic controls will be with the release of OpenEdge 11.

For example:

OpenEdge 10.2A supports version 2008.1

OpenEdge 10.2B supports version 2009.2



Posted by Admin on 23-Mar-2010 07:40

Hi Kristen,

thanks for the prompt feedback! However when the release schedule for OE11 is still 18 - 24 month past the release of OE10.2B, I do hope that Progress might change this plan and support (and ship) an update to Infragistics earlier, in a service pack or so.

Their release schedule is much more agile.


Posted by khowell on 23-Mar-2010 07:56

Thanks Mike for your feedback.  We have visited this subject multiple times internally and the decision continues to be status quo. However, I will take this into account and let you know if we change our strategy.



Posted by rbf on 23-Mar-2010 08:29

So it looks like 2010 will be skipped altogether...

And I am already having such a hard time convincing my customers that Progress is really not backward....

Posted by temeq on 28-Sep-2010 04:35

Is there any news on this one? We would really like to start using the new 2010 version of the Infragistics controls.

- Teemu

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