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Posted by Admin on 21-Oct-2010 09:01

I have a main .cls window that contains an ultraTabbedMdiManager to allow the .w's I'm embedding to be viewed in tabs. Inside each tab I'm creating an instance of another .cls window with a WindowContainer. I have successfully got the window container to resize to the size of the .w window. I want the main .cls window to resize to the size of the .w that is embedded. Any suggestions? Would it be better to embed the .w directly into the tab instead to achieve this?

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Posted by Admin on 22-Oct-2010 11:39

I figured it out.

I got the height in pixels of the .w window and passed it to a method that checked if it was bigger than the previous value/window.

then set the size with:

THIS-OBJECT:ClientSize = NEW System.Drawing.Size(var-width,var-height).

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