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Posted by adisney on 15-Nov-2010 17:25

Has anyone done a dynamic menu in .NET?  We have all our menus/menu options in a database table, and currently build them dynamically in Progress GUI.  Now we're trying to do the same with .NET ...

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Posted by Admin on 15-Nov-2010 17:30

Which Control Vendor are you using? Infragistics or Microsoft or X?

Each vendor needs his own implementation. I can provide code to deal with Infragistics as part of our WinKit light version that we are releasing at the end of this week.

Posted by adisney on 15-Nov-2010 17:38


Posted by jmls on 15-Nov-2010 17:45
Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 15-Nov-2010 17:49

Sounds like the answer may be to wait a week!

Posted by Admin on 15-Nov-2010 23:05

Did you already check this section of the Infragistics Docs:


The part about the root tools and instance tools is the thing that confuses many starters first. You basically have to create each tool (ButtonTool = menu-item and PopupMenuTool = sub-menu) twice. Once in the root tools collection (ultraToolbarsManager1:Tools) and once in the Tools collection of the actual toolbar (i.e. ultraToolbarsManager1:Toolbars[0]:Tools).

And remember to set the DisplayStyle of PopupMenuTools on the main menu to TextOnly or TextOnlyInMenus. Otherwise the menu will waste a lot of space for image place holders.

And since you're starting anyway: Don't lose time with toolbars. Go for the Ribbon.

Posted by adisney on 16-Nov-2010 10:58

Thank you, Mike and Julian.  Useful information and will work towards an implementation this week.  Maybe waiting until Winkit is released!


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