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Posted by gdb390 on 24-Jan-2011 09:30


I have a form with 2 user controls, one = usercontrol with grid, second = usercontrol with scheduler.

If I want to drag a row from grid to scheduler, I cannot drag it in one movement.  If I do, the follwing rows are selected, but the row I selected is not in drag/drop mode.

I can wok around this :

with the first click on row, the object is selected

only with the second click I can start dragging

I want to do this in one click : when I click the row,  it should start dragging ...no matter where my cursor was before

e.g. when you want the same with dragging an appointment in scheduler, this works with one click.



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Posted by vza on 31-Jan-2011 08:03

I had the same problem with UltraTreeView and managed to solve it by setting SelectionType property.

When  set to 'ExtendedAutoDrag' (or SingleAutoDrag) the control goes right  into a drag operation when the mouse is moved while the left button is  pressed. When set to 'Extended' (Single), you have to release the mouse  button after the selection, then the next click and drag initiates the  drag operation.

I have not tried with UltraGrid, but it has the same property (UltraWinGrid Designer -> Feature Picker -> Selection -> Row Selection -> ....).



Posted by gdb390 on 31-Jan-2011 08:28

Hey Vladimir,

I will try this and let you know soon !



Posted by gdb390 on 02-Mar-2011 04:25

Hey Vladimir,

This does not seem to work ?

Is there another property than I need to set ?

Kind regards


Posted by gdb390 on 02-Mar-2011 08:46

I was wrong ... seems to work fine !

thanks for the help !


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