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Posted by DRidnouer on 05-Apr-2011 13:00


We have a GUI for .NET form that has a MS DataGridView control and a Progress Binding Source to supply temp-table records for the datagrid.  The form will allow users to enter search criteria to build temp-table records and the binding source has 'AutoSort' enabled.  Sorting and searching work fine, and there is a 'Clear Search' button to allow the search criteria and datagrid to be cleared out.  This works fine also, but the issue I am having is with the sorting after the clear search is done.  I can clear out the sort glyph from the datagrid column header when the 'Clear Search' is done, but when another search is done the sorting and sort glyph are back.  I assume this is because the binding source is still thinking it is sorted.

My question is, how I can I clear out the sort from the Progress Binding Source?

There is a 'RemoveSort' method that is on the System.Windows.Forms.BindingSource which Progress.Data.BindingSource inherits.  I have tried to use this method, but I get the error 'System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.'

Any help would be appreciated.



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