Posted by Roger Blanchard on 16-Dec-2011 17:53

I just installed OE11.0 and my existing code that references Infragistics.Excel no longer compiles. If I look for Infragistics.Excel in the clas Browser it is not present. Has anyone else seen this?

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Posted by Roger Blanchard on 16-Dec-2011 18:10

Well, it is now Infragistics.Documents.Excel. My assemblies file also appeared to be corrupt as i had to delete the Infragisitcs assemblies and readd them.

Posted by jmls on 17-Dec-2011 06:51

did you try the migration tool ?

Openedge->Migration->Update assembly references

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 19-Dec-2011 06:23

Yes I did. It showed the old assemblies and then the version they would be upgraded to. I proceeded to do that but it did not help much. If I create a new workspace and then a new project everything works as what you would expect. For some reason my assemblies and toolbox created in 10.2B appear to be corrupt.

Posted by jmls on 19-Dec-2011 06:39

interesting. FWIW I had no problems switching the workspace to 11,

with the exception of a 10.2B rcode causing the compiler to fail until

removed and recompiled

On 19 December 2011 12:24, Roger Blanchard

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 19-Dec-2011 06:44

Interesting and frustrating. It appears something is very wrong as my PROPATH doesn't seem to be recognized either. I cannot run a procedure located in a different folder. I open a suppoer case with PTS.


Posted by mkontwg on 09-Jan-2018 05:39

Hi Team

I want to ask similar post as well with infragistics control, I'm using ultravalidator control on my form. but whole screen is filled with yellow color. what could be reason for this? I have no other projects expect 1 on my workspace running. what am I missing, please help.

Posted by Lieven De Foor on 09-Jan-2018 05:50

Please don't dig up an ancient thread to ask a new, hardly related question...

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