OpenEdge 11 Client - 9.1C DB

Posted by danielStafford on 18-Jan-2012 15:17

I have a Windows 7 / OpenEdge 11 Client and would like to read / write to a 9.1C Progress Database?

I would like to run a procedure on an appserver (output dataset-handle ...)  that would define a data-source, attach to a Progress 9.1C db, and run my fill and save procedures.

Is this possible?

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Posted by Admin on 18-Jan-2012 15:26

Your best chance might be using an OpenEdge 10 AppServer that can connect to the V9 DB.

I'm pretty sure, that an V11 client cannot connect to a V9 AppServer. The protocol became incompatible somewhere around the 10.1A clients or so.

So I'd try to connect from V11 to a rather recent OE10 AppServer that's connected to a V9 DB.

Let me know if that works.

Posted by gus on 18-Jan-2012 15:31

Sorry, but an OpenEdge version 11 4GL program (whether client or app server agent) cannot connect to a version 9 database server. We have always supported database connectivity from a new release to one major release back (e.g. 10 to 9, 11 to 10, 8 to 7, etc.) and only via TCP (not in single user or self serving mode).

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