How to decorate classes, methods and properties with attribu

Posted by Gabriel Hautclocq on 13-Jun-2012 09:03

I have to use Progress Openedge Architect in my work, and I need to convert some C# code to ABL code (ABL is the language name). So I need to find how to decorate my classes, properties and methods with .NET attributes. I searched through this guide ( ) but there is no mention about decoration in the C# to ABL mapping section.

A simple C# example:

public decimal POLICE {
  get {
    return ((decimal)(this["POLICE"]));
  set {
    this["POLICE"] = value;

Thanks for any help on this!

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Posted by Admin on 13-Jun-2012 09:51

This is not supported out of the Box in the ABL.

You need to implement the ICustomTypeDescriptor Interface for that purpose. Have fun with that There are some details in the "Customizing the OpenEdge Architect Visual Designer" presentation available from

Posted by Gabriel Hautclocq on 13-Jun-2012 10:21

Thank you for your answer.

I find it surprising that such a common .NET functionnality is missing from a language that works together with .NET. That limits a lot what the ABL can do.

I read your presentation and found your link to However I fail to find how can I circumvent the ABL limitations about the missing Attribute support.

Do you have a sample that shows what is explained in the presentation?

Thank you for your time

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Posted by Admin on 14-Jun-2012 01:11

Do you have a sample that shows what is explained in the presentation?

Hi Gabriel,

we have this implemented in our framework to enhance the developer experience and reduce errors. But I'm afraid it's nothing we can make open-source.

Contact me offline if you want to discuss more about this.

Posted by jquerijero on 09-Jul-2012 15:14

Just a side note;

By the look of your sample code, you are trying to port a class with indexing. I don't think it is supported by Progress ABL.

Posted by Wouter Dupré on 09-Jul-2012 15:16


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