Has anyone imported a 10.2B project to 11?

Posted by jquerijero on 24-Jul-2012 16:24

I just imported a project but the AVM will not start.

OpenEdge AVM stopped for '<project name>'.

Any ideas what to look for?

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Posted by Praveena Ampaty on 25-Jul-2012 00:30

Hi Joseph,

I have imported 10.2B project in to 11.0. I did not see any issues after importing and AVM started succesfully for the project. Did you see any errors in problems view after importing the project?


Posted by Admin on 25-Jul-2012 00:37

You've created a new workspace and used the Import -> Existing project into workspace option?

Maybe you should remove your R-Code forehand. Anything in a protrace/procore file? It might be worth reporting that to tech support.

Posted by jquerijero on 26-Jul-2012 10:37

I did see any problem during the import process. The other thing I noticed is that all my custom DLLs are marked with the red X icon.

Posted by jquerijero on 26-Jul-2012 10:38

It's imported to a brand new workspace.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 26-Jul-2012 10:57

-clean ?

Posted by Admin on 26-Jul-2012 11:01

-clean ?

He did not mention that he "threw in" some Eclipse plugins. Why is -clean supposed to help?

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 26-Jul-2012 11:17

Just that -clean seems to fix a lot of things.

Posted by jquerijero on 26-Jul-2012 11:27

I forgot to mention that my souce code in a mapped drive and the machine I'm using is a Windows 2008 Server R2 . It might be some permissions issue.

Posted by jquerijero on 27-Jul-2012 17:54

It's fine now. It was a reference to a .pl file inside my imported .propath file.

Posted by andrew.thornton@redprairie.com on 27-Jul-2012 17:56

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Thanks, Andrew.

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