Progress.Window.Form Property DisposeDialogOnClose

Posted by jquerijero on 13-Aug-2012 16:07

What is this property for? Is it used to circumvent the standard behavior of a modal window? If it is, why is the default value TRUE and not FALSE?

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Posted by Praveena Ampaty on 14-Aug-2012 00:30

Hi Joseph,

In following link, you can find related information on DisposeDialogOnClose property


Posted by jquerijero on 14-Aug-2012 10:28

Hmm, interesting, why introduce a breaking change in 10.2B03? I would have expected fixing the leak without circumventing the intended behavior of a modal window.

Anyway going back to the KB entry, if DisposeDialogOnClose is set to FALSE, does it mean the memory leak is still possible?

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