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Posted by Darren Parr on 31-Aug-2012 11:48


First of all I'll describe the app. We're using mdi windows with tha tabbedmdimanager. It all looks quite nice and works OK.

We have a ribbon on the mdiparent and one on the mdichild. Can someone point me in the right direction of how the mdimerging works.

Is it the case that tools on the ribbon (with say key "mnuOpen" - a popup menu) will have their state and buttons in the menu replaced with that of the ribbon of the mdichild where they exist on parent and child.

If so thats fine. At the moment I've not partitioned the ribbon tabs and groups into contextual ones and ones which are not.

Also how the hell do you create an inherited control from the ultratoolbarsmanager as I can't seem to do this. When I try to choose it via the browse button, the toolbarsmanager control is not listed.

Oh this OE 11.1 and 2011.2

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Posted by Admin on 31-Aug-2012 13:48

You will find this link here useful:

Second, when you try to add your own component (the UltraToolbarsManager is not a Control) you did this from the ABL?

Then in the Dialog to add Controls (works for Components as well) to the Toolbox, you need to switch to the third tab to add ABL Controls. Your component should be listed there.

When creating ABL interited Components, remember to add both Constructors, the one with no parameter and the one with the Component Container as a parameter.

Posted by jquerijero on 31-Aug-2012 15:15

The ChildForm should have it's own UltraToolbarsManager and set to mergeable. Merging uses RibbonTab Key, Group Key, Tool Key to match mergeable objects. Non-matching keys should display as their own entries.

Posted by Darren Parr on 04-Sep-2012 07:50


Thanks. I sorted the merging. The way it work is so cool. I used to use what was knwon as activebar 1.0 years ago (by infragistics) and so the toolbar is not completely new. To control layout I have added some placeholders with the same keys (but not enabled) into the parent ribbon and it now works fantaistically well.

As for creating a class based on the toolbarsmanager, all I'm doing is right-clicking on my folder on the LHS and selecting new abl inherited control. It then comes up with a box and I'm being asked to choose the object to b ase this on in the inherits box. Are you saying as this object does not have a native display that I can't do this? If so how can I achieve it. The previous example of doing this with ultratoolbarsmanager did it this way I think...

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Posted by Admin on 04-Sep-2012 07:57

As for creating a class based on the toolbarsmanager,

Just choose the new ABL Class wizard and choose the UltraToolbarsManager as the super class. In the wizard also check the Add super class constructors. That should give you the two constructors needed.

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