Visual Designer cannot load this class

Posted by resperger on 09-Sep-2012 01:53


There have been discussions going on on this forum about that topic and I cannot really see them resolved. So is our problem with VD.

As support seems unable to reproduce this problem, which causes us hours and hours I might try to restart this here.

This message has absolutlely to do with inheritance. After restarting the session we never can open a class in VD without compiling most of our projects. This sometimes takes up to 1/2 hour before this tool is willing to open the class which before restart it did without complaining.

Even then sometimes we need to compile 2 times the same base class etc until it finally opens the class.

For me it looks like if there is some information which gets lost when the session is closed down, or it crashes.

Could it be, that there is something in our setup which causes this? I looked and looked but I cannot find a reason.

It got so annoying in the meantime, that we even have to consider to stop GUI for NET.

Any hints?


J. Resperger, OEKOM GmbH

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