Need to integrate CC processing

Posted by danielStafford on 09-Sep-2012 06:42


I need to integrate CC processing into my (GUI for .NET) POS system (

Can anyone please point me in the right direction regarding tools, controls, etc. The attached screen shot shows the payment tab of my sales form. At this pioint I would like to initiate an authorization.


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Posted by RWEBSTER on 10-Sep-2012 05:37


We use a great component from nSoftware

It handles a lot of the data security and validation stuff for you.

Hope this helps!

Posted by asthomas on 10-Sep-2012 05:42

I am not in the office until September 12th 2012. I will not be checking my mail and phone on a regular basis, but will reply to your mail as soon as I can.

If you need support from appSolutions, please send your mails to

If you need Roundtable support, please send mails to :

Jeg er væk fra kontoret indtil den 12. september, og checker ikke mail og telefon regelmæssigt. Jeg vil dog svare på din mail så snart som muligt.

Hvis du har behov for support, kontakt venligst, så vender vi tilbage så snart det er muligt.

Administrative henvendelser kan ske til :

Med venlig hilsen / Regards

Thomas Hansen

appSolutions a/s

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 10-Sep-2012 07:04


We have been integrated to credit/debit for just about 20 years and have used various different tools/apps. What I would tell you is whatever you choose make sure it keeps your application "out of scope" in regrards to PCI. If not then you will have to go through a PA-DSS audit every three years that will run you around 10K-15K. The PCI Security Council is like dealing with the IRS these days.

We are in the process of switching our POS module to ALL "out of scope" solutions and are working with a company called Datacap Systems. They have been in the integrated payments business for years and do offer an "out of scope" solution. Their client side control allows you to have access to many different payment processing platforms.

( )

My contact at Datacap is Justin Zeigler <>

If you want to give me a call you know where to reach me as we have spoken before.

Take care and good luck.

Roger Blanchard


Posted by danielStafford on 10-Sep-2012 15:04

I'll look into nSoftware. Thanks Ross

Posted by danielStafford on 10-Sep-2012 15:15

Roger - After reading "IRS", "CPI", "audit", "10K-15K", etc., I went temporarily "out of scope" myself, and had to take a nap.

Thanks for the info. I'll contact you when I run out of other projects to do, and regain my enthusiasm for this one.

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 10-Sep-2012 15:37

Fun stuff!! I have been through two PA-DSS reviews and after 25K-30K I have had enough. We DO NOT process the credit transactions just pass them to different middleware for processing. Since I have access to sensitive cardholder data we were considered "in scope" and had to pay for an assesment. Now that our new POS module will only support "out of scope" I no longer have access to the sensitve card holder data and therefore do not need a PA-DSS.

The downside is we will no longer be listed on the PCI Security Council's website.

Good luck!!

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