Forms open minimized instead of normal

Posted by resperger on 06-Oct-2012 07:49


I am struggling with a funny problem here in OE 11.0 on W7

We have a central class which opens all of our projects and they are started from a Navigatorclass.

The classes open in normal window-state as expected as long as none of them is minimized. As soon as one project is minimized all further projects also start minimizen and can not be restored to normal. They only can be restored to maximized.

If I check on Windowstate after start it states normal but the project is minimized to to taskbar.

If I start all needed projects and minimize them afterwards I can restore them to normal without problem Only if I start a project after first minimizing one other project they will all start minimized.

Even if I set the Windowstate in program back to normal it will not change. All projects are the same class (geproject.cls) but with different text and menue etc.

Is thete any expert out there who knows how I can solve this probem?


Josef Resperger

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