Overlaying an Ultragrid on a standard ABL Browse Widget..is

Posted by saquib on 19-Dec-2012 01:59


I have a standard ABL window (.w) with a standard browse widget showing the results of a query.

I'd like to overlay a .NET Ultragrid over this browse and have this show the data instead of the browse widget. Is this possible and if so, does anyone have a code example of how this is done?

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P.S. I know it is possible to embed an ABL window in a .NET form via the Progress window container but I'd prefer to use the above solution if possible.

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Posted by Admin on 19-Dec-2012 02:03

It is possible - but only if you embed the window into a WindowContainer first and place the Grid on the parent of the WindowContainer.

Posted by saquib on 19-Dec-2012 02:22

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, but are you saying place the .w window in a window container?



Posted by Admin on 19-Dec-2012 02:29

Yes.  The .NET UltraGrid needs to be on a .NET Container. It cannot be directly in the ABL window.

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