WAIT-FOR System.Windows.Forms.Application:Run( INPUT THIS-OB

Posted by saquib on 04-Jan-2013 09:20


I'm calling a .NET form from an ABL window. The .NET form has a seperate ABL .w embedded within it via the Progress WindowContainer.

The form is called from the main ABL window like this.

myForm = new MyForm().


The DoWait procedure simply says:

WAIT-FOR System.Windows.Forms.Application:Run( INPUT THIS-OBJECT )

Everything works fine until I close the main ABL window with the form still open. When I do this the embedded .w within the form disappears but the form itself stays open even though the main ABL window has closed.

I'm guessing this scenario has to do with the DoWait procedure which is still blocking for input and has no knowledge that the main ABL window has closed?

Do I need to publish an event in the embedded ABL .w to tell the form that the main ABL window has been closed?

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Posted by Admin on 04-Jan-2013 09:23

You'll probably have to invoke the Close() method of the Form.

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