compiling + deploying .net code for com interop

Posted by Darren Parr on 25-Jan-2013 11:31


We have a windows server which we use for our compilations. This ensures that we can keep our .net r-code at its lowest supported service pack level. Anyway its in 11.1 and I have just added some referenes to com interop libraries for word and excel so that I can instantiate word etc. It works OK and the code Ive produced works nicely on other peoples machines which are deployed using webclient. I'm running office 2013 64 bit.

The issue is getting these routines compiled on the server. Its like it cant see the word and excel class libraries to be able to validate the define variable statements. Ive tried all sorts to get this working. The server has office 2010 on it in 32 bit. The assemblies.xml file its using has the correct references in it.

In addition I cant seem to add the word and excel dlls to a webclient project. In the bit where you can choose your assemblies.xml file, it allows me to import the references from the xml file but the word and excel dlls are not added to the project.

Any ideas?



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Posted by jquerijero on 28-Jan-2013 10:52

Is MS Office installed on the server?

Posted by Darren Parr on 28-Jan-2013 11:00

Yes. It has office 2010 32 bit installed on it.

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