Columns and sub-columns in an ultragrid. Is this possible?

Posted by MBeynon on 31-Jan-2013 07:35

Hello again,

I have a requirement to build an ultragrid with an interesting structure which involves having fixed columns (similar to excel) and header columns above fixed sub columns.

Is this sort of thing possible in the grid and if not is is possible to perhaps have two grids with one fixed behind the other to show the header columns?

Please see the attached xls document for a clearer explantion.




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Posted by kopfb on 31-Jan-2013 08:58

If I am understanding your question correctly, you should be able to programmically pin the columns and rows you want in the UltraGrid or you can turn on those features at design time and the users can do it themselves as well.

For example in the InitializeLayout method:

e:Layout:Bands[0]:Columns[0]:Header:Fixed = TRUE.
e:Layout:Bands[0]:Columns[1]:Header:Fixed = TRUE.
e:Layout:Bands[0]:Columns[2]:Header:Fixed = TRUE.

Posted by MBeynon on 31-Jan-2013 09:31

Thanks for your reply.

The column fixing is not so much an issue. The problem is getting the grid to look like the .xls doc I supplied, wherein we have column headers and sub columns.

I'm currently working on a prototype where one grid is overlaid onto another to resemble that of the .xls mockup.

The problem I'm having now is getting the two grids to scroll in unison. I'm using this code but it's not working:

    METHOD PRIVATE VOID ultraGrid1_BeforeColRegionScroll( INPUT sender AS System.Object, INPUT e AS Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.BeforeColRegionScrollEventArgs ):
        ultraGrid2:ActiveRowScrollRegion:ScrollPosition = e:NewState:Position.




Posted by MBeynon on 31-Jan-2013 09:34

This is what I've come up with so far.

Please see the attached word doc.




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