Problem with "Dock" property of .NET Splitter bar

Posted by MBeynon on 06-Mar-2013 03:04


I have a Progress Form that uses a Microsoft splitter bar with the Dock property set to "FILL". The splitter is dropped directly onto an empty form and the two panels contain various cmponents.

I'd like to add a panel directly to the form which sits below the splitter such that the panel serves as a type of status bar and the splitter fills the gap between the top of the form and the status bar

even when re-sizing the window. However, when I set the panel to dock at the bottom and the splitter to FILL, the splitter fills the entire form. This causes the scroll bar in the grid in the bottom panel of the splitter

to be hidden as it's behind the status bar panel.

Is there a way to achieve what I want?

Many thanks,


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Posted by Peter van Dam on 06-Mar-2013 03:29

Hi Mark,

Have you tried Design -> Order -> Bring to Fron on the panel


Design -> Order -> Bring to back on the splitter?

Posted by MBeynon on 06-Mar-2013 08:53


Moving the panel to the back fixed the issue!


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