Passing System.String to a method with LONGCHAR param

Posted by jquerijero on 20-Feb-2013 11:37

There seems to be a problem with the conversion of System.String object containing data longer than the CHARACTER limit, even though the parameter is a LONGCHAR.

We are getting this error;

SYSTEM ERROR: copdtm - maxdlen, data item too large, try to increase -s. (65)

So the method signature looks like this;

SomeMethod(INPUT lcVar AS LONGCHAR).

Being called this way;

THIS-OBJECT:SomeMethod(someDotNetObject:StringProperty). - StringProperty contains more than 32K chars

Will this ALWAYS work;


lcTemp = someDotNetObject:StringProperty.


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Posted by jquerijero on 27-Feb-2013 11:51

A bug report was created.

Posted by Admin on 27-Feb-2013 11:53

Showed up in the PANS this morning:

Posted by Evan Bleicher on 13-Mar-2013 07:06

This issue has been resolved in the 11.3 and 11.2.1 code streams.

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

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