Apply CLOSE to THIS-PROCEDURE inside an activeX event

Posted by jquerijero on 19-Mar-2013 11:27

I trying to remember if there was a thread about this already.

Basically, I want to close the .w when I double click on an OCX grid row. The double click event is supplied by OCX. So the OCX is still active while the .w is being closed. Is this possible, or is this safe? If not, what is the alternative?

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 24-Oct-2013 13:32


This can sometimes be problematic due to when the OCX shuts itself down (i.e. it is possible for the OCX to issue some callbacks).  In the past I have recommended that people throw a couple of PROCESS EVENTS statements in immediately prior to the window going away so that the system has time to process any remaining events the OCX may generate before that window and its data structures are de-realized.

Sincerely, Brian Maher

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