Prevent Embedded ABL window from minimising when Parent ABL

Posted by MBeynon on 08-May-2013 02:41


I have an ABL window embedded in a .NET form. The form is called by a purely ABL window. When the calling window is minimised the embedded ABL/.NET form minimises too.

Is there any way to prevent the embedded window from doing this?



P.S. If any more information is required please ask and I'll be happy to supply it.

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Posted by Admin on 08-May-2013 02:45

Sounds like the Embedded ABL Window is still parented to your ABL based main window.

Don't do that.

Posted by MBeynon on 08-May-2013 02:53

Do you know how I can unparent it?


Posted by Admin on 08-May-2013 03:00

Somewhere, maybe in your standard include files, you must be setting the PARENT attribute of the second window.

From the ABL docs:

"For ABL windows, the parent widget is another window that parents this window. The main feature of these window families is that when the parent window is minimized, all of its child windows are hidden"

Posted by MBeynon on 08-May-2013 03:17

I figured out what it was. There was a line in my .NET form:


I had completely missed it!


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