unable to update cell value in an Ultragrid programatically

Posted by MBeynon on 25-Mar-2013 07:02


I'm trying to update a cell in my grid programmitacaly but after calling update the value has gone from the cell.

If I don't call update the value is visible in the cell but I get the little pencil edit icon.

The bindingsoure is attached to a query handle and I've set the update mode to OnUpdate.

      bindingSource1:HANDLE    = lvhQuery.

      ultraGrid1:UpdateMode = Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.UpdateMode:OnUpdate.

METHOD PRIVATE VOID ultraGrid1_InitializeRow(..........

    DEFINE VARIABLE lvrRow    AS Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.UltraGridRow NO-UNDO.

    IF NOT e:ROW:IsDataRow THEN
    lvrRow = e:ROW.

      IF UNBOX(lvrRow:Cells["RequestedQty"]:Value) > UNBOX(lvrRow:Cells["RemainingQty"]:Value) THEN

        lvrRow:Cells["ColourValue"]:value = lvcRedColour.



Thanks in advance,


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Posted by MBeynon on 25-Mar-2013 08:39

Sorted this by re-using my open query to test the required values and update the data source directly.

Obvious really!! :-)

Posted by jquerijero on 06-Aug-2013 17:15

Is there a reason why you didn't just update ColourValue inside the AfterRowFill event of FILL() or FOR EACH whichever you use to build the temp-table? Something like; IF tt.RequestedQty > tt.RemainingQty THEN  tt.ColourValue = lvcRedColour.

Posted by jquerijero on 07-Aug-2013 12:23

By the way, I think what you're originally experiencing is bug. The UltraGrid doesn't display the new value correctly if you update the Value property of the cell then calling Update().

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