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Posted by adisney on 08-May-2008 19:14

Our company, Great Valley Technologies, wanted to provide a faxing solution for our clients (medical offices) which would

a) seamlessly integrate with our Progress product

b) require no hardware/software installation

c) scale well (price-wise) for clients ranging from a single-doctor office up to a hospital.

After some research, we ended out with, which gave us "$10.00 per month per concurrent channel with a flat rate of 0.018 (1.8 cents) per minute for outbound faxing. Inbound is also possible at the same 0.018 rate for local numbers and 2 cents a minute for toll-free numbers". (If you want rates other than the ones posted on their site, you have to e-mail them.)

Don't know yet how reliable they will prove to be long-term, but in case anyone else wants to use this company, here is sample code for send fax/get fax status/clear fax. It's a bit tricky, so hope this saves someone else some time. Most of this code is from the KnowledgeBase, just modified for this particular instance.

Anne Disney

Great Valley Technologies




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