Connecting to nameserver using UDP broadcast address

Posted by ezazster on 01-Aug-2019 20:33


i came up with a article from progress how to configure the nameserver to listen to the request from the udp broadcast address

I have pasted the link above. I configured two machines in the subnet and within the same subnet if i am trying to access via the udp broadcast address its working fine. But if i am trying to access using a different subnet (VLAN) then the request does not go through 

I want to ask is it a normal behaviour or am i doing anything wrong here ?

I am trying to host two machine with same configuration for the nameserver and the appserver and want anyone of the machine to reply to users reply. As the users are in different vlan then the server vlan. This is failing but if i try to connect from the different server on the same vlan. The request is successful



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